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Noel can be found at his stall at the Riccarton Market every Sunday!

It was a utilitarian craft favoured by the ancient Egyptians and now, thanks to master crafters like Noel Graham, you can still own a piece of handcrafted, wood-turned art today for your pad.

Noel, who can be found at his stall at the Riccarton Market every Sunday selling his wooden wares and clothing, turned what was a hobby into a living after retiring from teaching. Not that he’s turned his back on teaching altogether, Noel is doing his bit to ensure this age-old craft doesn’t disappear by co-writing a Certificate in Woodturning course for Aoraki Polytechnic in 2005 (now administered by the National Association of Woodworkers) and continues to teach modules for the Christchurch and North Canterbury Woodcraft Club.

Collecting and milling the majority of the timbers in his work, Noel also enhances his wares – which range from elegant hollow vessels, finely turned ornaments and multi-axis works – with acrylic paint and patinas. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, he’ll happily take commissions.

Covid 19 Update: We must confirm the very hard decision to postpone the market immediately until further notice.  Please visit our website for updates and stay safe.  Thank you for your support