How to join The Riccarton market

How to become a Permanent Stallholder

Sites for permanent stallholders are available upon application to the Market Manager.


Casual stallholders can apply at any time, however, before starting the permanent rate, the casual stallholder must attend a minimum of 4 consecutive Sundays (probationary period) paying the casual rate.

The site allocated remains the stallholders for the duration of the contract. Stallholders may apply at any time to relocate to another site.

Permanent Rates:

Please refer to the Site Fees document effective 1 January 2014

Corner sites have a $5.00 premium

The contract signed by permanent stallholders is for a minimum of six (6) months

Once a site has been allocated it may not be transferred to another party.

The rules, as detailed in the contract, must be adhered to at all times; otherwise expulsion from the market could be the result.​

The Riccarton Market

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The Riccarton Market Facebook
The Riccarton Market Facebook
The Riccarton Market Facebook

Every Sunday, Rain or Shine
9:00am – 2:00pm​